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Ted Hall

D.O.M. (NM), L.Ac. (CO & CA), Dipl.Ac. & C.H. (NCCAOM), M.S.O.M.

Ted Hall Ted has been involved in the study and practice of Oriental medicine for nearly 25 years. He began his studies under a renowned Japanese master, Masahilo Nakazono Osensei at the age of 18, attending the Kototama Institute, a small Japanese acupuncture school located in Santa Fe, NM. He then underwent an intensive yearlong tutorial study program with Thomas Duckworth, D.O.M., D.K.M., and continued to work with Dr. Duckworth for 8 years afterward. He completed his Master of Science in Oriental Medicine at Southwest Acupuncture College, adding Chinese herbology to his work, as well as undertaking advanced bodywork training with Jan Sultan. Ted also holds a B.A. with honors in Language Studies from the University of California at Santa Cruz. More information on Ted's training at the Kototama Institute and his studies with Dr. Duckworth is listed below.

Ted's extensive training and broad experience allow him to treat anyone for nearly any condition presented, and he specializes in treating female reproductive disorders, musculoskeletal problems, and in building up the inner strength of his patients. He utilizes gentler Japanese acupuncture, which focuses on subtly of technique and is virtually painless compared to many other styles of acupuncture. The Japanese approach to treatment is based primarily on pulse reading, which allows Ted to monitor his patient's conditions during the course of treatment and get consistent results. The treatment process is very interactive, and is largely based on balancing the patient's pulses. Treatments with Ted include acupuncture, moxa, amazing bodywork, herbal prescriptions, and other modalities that build on the body's resources and make tangible progress toward health.

Besides his practice at acupunctureWorks, Ted has been actively involved in Oriental medical education for 10 years. He is currently on the faculty at Southwest Acupuncture College in Boulder, CO, where he teaches a wide variety of courses and supervises student interns in the school's teaching clinic. He previously taught at both of Southwest's New Mexico campuses, where he designed the curriculum for their course of study in Japanese Acupuncture, in addition to having taught at the Inochi Institute in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He was also a core faculty member at Yo San University in Los Angeles, California, teaching introductory to advanced Oriental medical coursework in both didactic and practical clinical settings, and serving as the Dean of Clinical Education.

Ted has also performed volunteer clinical work with Inochi Resources at field clinic locations in Ensenada, Mexico, Second Mesa at Hopi, Arizona, and at At-Risk Youth Residential Centers in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Kototama Inochi Medicine

Kototama Inochi Medicine is a style of traditional Japanese acupuncture that originated through the work of M.M. Nakazono, Osensei. Through his years of study, practice, and integration of Aikido, natural medicine, and the Kototama principle, Nakazono Sensei created a unique and very powerful form of medicine. Combining his studies from such great teachers as Ueshiba Osensei, Osawa Sensei, and Ogasawara Sensei, he integrated his work over many years to create a form of medicine that combines traditions of Japanese acupuncture & bodywork, traditional Japanese pulse diagnosis, and the principals of the kototama. The result is a medicine that is both rich in tradition and efficacy of centuries of experience and at the same time geared toward the future evolution of humankind relative to the principles of the kototama. Kototama Inochi Medicine is based on disciplined pulse diagnosis, and involves needle work, moxibustion, and traditional Japanese bodywork, among other treatment modalities. It integrates the kototama principle into the treatment format, offering a unique view and approach to each health condition, organizing the treatment around the life principle of Kototama. There is no other form of medicine that does this - it is unique and incredibly powerful. It's clinical relevance and effectiveness is unparalleled. Nakzono Osensei built this medicine, and offered it to the future through his school, the Kototama Institute, in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

I was lucky enough to study at the Kototama Institute during the short period of time it was open - I attended the basic 2-year training program, and a few years later completed my basic studies in Kototama Inochi Medicine with Thomas Duckworth, Doctor of Kototama Medicine. Dr. Duckworth was an instructor at the Kototama Institute when I attended, and completed an intensive 10-year study with Nakazono Osensei. He took me in as a student and offered me a great opportunity to study & practice with him, and it is through his dedication and work that I really evolved with this form of medicine. I maintain a strict discipline of Kototama Inochi Medicine in my practice at acupunctureWorks, and I am dedicated to the preservation & growth of this form of medicine. I urge anyone interested or curious about this phenomenal medicine to contact me and come in for treatment. From time to time, I also offer the practice of Kototama Sound Meditation through acupunctureWorks - all are welcome to practice.

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