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Herbs & Supplements

Chinese herbology is an important and very effective part of Oriental medicine. Herbs can have a tremendous impact on a condition, offering steady and reliable improvement for many patients. Chinese herbology is tied into the same diagnostic principals used in acupuncture, and utilizes a large group of specific plants to influence the body and carry out treatment goals. Every substance has energetic properties, and Chinese herbology takes advantage of these properties to influence the body's energy so that the body can make better use of its resources and take better care of itself. In diagnosing someone, we look at the energy in the body, all the different aspects of what the body does, and decide which parts are not doing their jobs well enough, discovering the patterns of disharmony that are producing the symptoms. We can then use herbal combinations to address these energetic patterns of disharmony so the body will stop producing symptoms. For example, if headaches are the problem, we first ascertain the reason for the headaches, such as blood or yin deficiency patterns in the body, or perhaps too much yang energy rising up to the head, or stagnation of energy creating constraint. We can then address these patterns with specific and customized herbal formulas to induce change in the body's energetic patterns so that the pathological patterns resolve and are no longer capable of producing symptoms.

Chinese herbs are a marvelously effective way to improve many health conditions, and offer a very powerful compliment to acupuncture treatment. Herbs are particularly useful for conditions involving internal patterns of disharmony, including female reproductive disorders, headaches, insomnia, digestive disorders, body temperature imbalances, fatigue, chronic illnesses, immunity conditions, colds & flus, and numerous other conditions. Chinese herbal formulas used in combination with acupuncture treatment can dramatically speed up the progress of treatment, and offer a solid continuity of care. You practitioner will know if herbs will be especially useful for your condition and can choose the perfect formula for your condition to help you get the most out of your healthcare process. We will often modify or change your formula as your condition improves, adjusting it to best meet your needs. Our practitioners are experienced NCCAOM-certified herbalists, who know exactly how to write the formula that will improve your health.

We carry a complete Chinese herbal pharmacy offering custom herbal formulas for our patients. We utilize Chinese herbs in both granule and patent forms. This means we can customize a formula for you, exactly as it should be for your condition right at that time, make it ourselves, and give it to you directly. These custom formulas come in powder form and are easily taken by reconstituting a small amount in warm water. We also carry a large line of patent formulas, which are pre-made herbal formulas in tablet form. We use Golden Flower Chinese herbs, a local company in New Mexico, which uses only the highest quality natural ingredients, and produces masterfully formulated herbs based on very common traditional formulas.

We also utilize an excellent collection of dietary supplements and health care items at our offices. Our selection is not large, but is comprised of a select group of products we've used for years with enormous success. We don't carry a lot of superfluous items at acupunctureWorks, just things that we have tested ourselves over time and have used consistently and successfully with many patients. There are many things out there that one can use to help things along and improve health, the natural supplement industry is enormous, and it can be confusing to figure out which ones really work, or which ones are right for you. Consult some of the numerous books available or ask people at health food stores, and you'll get lots of different opinions and plenty of mixed advice. We only carry items we know work well, because we've used them ourselves and with many patients over the years. We continually refine the items we utilize with ongoing feedback & research, and are actively involved in finding the best products that really make a strong impact in improving our patients health conditions.

At acupunctureWorks, we have many things that can help you feel your best, help your condition change rapidly with enduring results, and we will supplement your health care with herbs and select products when we feel it's absolutely beneficial to do so. There's no replacement for experience, and we have the best tools to help you maximize your health. Contact us to see how our herbs and supplements can help you to get on top of your health condition.
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